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Media Matinee

Directed by Lindsay and Aakanksha


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‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ is a fitting end to a beloved teen romance

This review contains minor spoilers for ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever‘ (2021). Boy meets girl, boy fake dates girl, the two eventually get together for real. They discover each other’s flaws and have their ups and downs, but the pull of love is so strong that we root for them no matter how […]

6 Winter Classics for Every Mood

With a bizarre holiday season behind us, it makes sense to be drawn to a wide range of winter movies. Some people look for feel-good or festive stories, while others opt for horror or melancholy. And some just want to watch anything with snow in it. We’ve compiled 6 winter films perfect for any mood.

Iris is the Best Part of ‘The Holiday’

We love kicking off the holidays with warm blankets, peppermint bark, and cheesy romantic comedies. Aakanksha writes about her favorite one, ‘The Holiday’ (2006), featuring Kate Winslet as one of the most relatable leading ladies of all time.